Crystal Healing Chamber

Raise your vibration and consciousness in record time achieving health, peace and above all, unconditional love

The Most Powerful Healing Technology

Updated 2 times a week, a crystal bed, 150pounds of crystals, pyramid power, sacred geometry, high technology tools make up this exquisite healing design.

Clears over 400 energy blockages

The life energy power harnessed by the chamber gives the highest unconditional love to all your physical, emotional, mental and energy bodies dissolving many blockages.

30 days of continious healing

All you need to do is say YES and enroll for the monthly sessions and enjoy your life unfolding all the joy, happiness, peace and love for you!

“Amazing things get gifted (or offered) to people with almost no work on their part and they turn them down.” -Ah’Ki
This extremely powerful crystal infused chamber is the most advanced healing tool known to man. Using a combination of sacred geometries, advanced math formulas, colors, light and sounds, creates a very tangible healing effect on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of your being. As I run this remote session on you, you’ll be basking in a gentle yet powerful array of new high dimensional energies designed to unlock your body’s natural healing power. The average session lasts 45 minutes and will aid the body in healing for an average of 2-3 days at a time. This session compliments your body’s natural order of highest priority to guarantee that you get exactly what you need, when you need it.

The Number of People who benefited from the chamber: +7541

How was Crystal Healing Chamber created?

The Creator of all things has gifted this chamber in an intense vision to Ah'Ki where he outlined this is how humankind would start the healing process to be free from traumas of the past. Creator loves us all very much and realizes that we are all doing our very best effort in order to heal. The time is finally right for humanity to heal and that’s why he gifted this to us.
I’d like to personally invite you to bathe in Crystal Chamber and see what it can do for you. The first remote session is free to try. Just say out loud a YES comment with the intention to connect to the chambers energy. Then just relax and feel the energy. If you would like to leave a comment about the gift session to I will be happy to read about it.

How long does the session effect last?
It is about 2-3 days, for some people the effect lasts up to 1 week. The body heals like crazy after each session. You may feel some physical healing reactions after the sessions as heaviness, emotional ups and downs, tension in body which are normal. After couple sessions many report feeling awesome, more mental clarity, increase in energy and better relationships. The chambers energy will give life energy to you about 1million bovis (or more if you need) during each session. When you enroll for the monthly sessions you will be supported for 30days in a row!

How does the Crystal Healing Chamber technology work?
Due to the current pandemic its not possible to take any physical sessions. But do not worry, this amazing chamber energy can be used remotely as well. If you are new to remote healing, there are over 50 randomized studies that proved healing at a distance was effective on humans, animals, plants, and DNA. [1]  When I receive a session request, I imagine the person entering the chamber, this helps me channel the chambers energy to that person. As much as unbelievable as it may sound, thousands of my clients report tingling in their bodies, heat, cold, energy moving, live dreams and increased feelings as well as relaxing fully during the session.  You can read some of the many testimonials I receive below this page.

Here is the picture of what the Crystal Healing Chamber looks like. All pieces consisting sacred geometry, the great pyramid, crystals tools and other machines are handmade and this chamber took 6 months and over $500,000 to assemble!

 What does the Crystal Healing Chamber technology do?
Boost your life force (Prana) by delivering unconditional love exactly where your body needs it.
Dissolve your heart wall. Some practitioners charge $295 to $595 for a package to remove a heart wall. Increase Your Vibe clients often have theirs gone within their very first session.
Automatically releases negative emotions. Even the stubborn ones.
Restore/clear/balance/optimize/harmonize your chakras to optimal working order.
Cleanse imprinted programs relating to safety, survival, security, uncertainty, relationships, sexuality, emotional neediness, not worthy of deserving love, codependency, speaking your truth, being seen, trusting the divine, trusting guidance and intuition, vision, goals and dreams, false ceilings, connection to source, and a lot more.
Heal core woundings to your Inner Child.
Dissolve blockages in meridians to allow Qi to flow through your body.
Resolving ego deficiencies causing a need for physical and emotional safety. 
Aids in completing soul lessons that you've not been able to resolve up until now.
Full repair, optimization and strengthening your hara line.
Re-Grounding with the earth in optimal, proper working order.
Remove all tangled cords of past relationships that are considered unhealthy.
Release all poverty, victim and un-deservingness consciousness.
Remove limiting beliefs (including money, health, relationships) that are no longer serving you in a healthy way.
Clean and restructure all of your subtle energy bodies (etheric, emotional, mental, astral, causal, celestial and spirit).
Resolve high priority unhealthy addictions.
Brain balance between left and right hemispheres.
Activate Heart and mind balance.
Clean highest priority ancestral karma from paternal and maternal line.
Clean highest priority past life karma.
Clear negative unjustified karma.
Soul fears and imprints.
Soul belief system optimize.
Unnatural implant and seal removals.
There’s also 384 more types of energy healings and this is updated twice a week! Being experienced in healing session for many years, this much of clearings is not possible to get from a personal healing session. 


Free Session
Crystal Healing Chamber session is being gifted to anyone who wants to experience this powerful healing energy for the first time. Say out loud with YES to connect to the chambers energy. Then Just lie down or sit comfortably to feel the energy, the energy transfer will start in a few minutes. The session lasts about 45 mins. You can set and alarm to notice end of session. The energy will keep on working on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level for about 2-3 days. The first free session of the Crystal Healing Chamber also clears the heart wall in the first 18 minutes. Please send me your session comments to Note that the free session works only once for each person. 

Monthly sessions – 1 person
If you like your free session and want more you can sign up for monthly sessions. The Crystal Healing Chamber energy will support you on all physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. One Crystal Healing Chamber session is equal to 8 theta healing sessions (professional sessions performed by the founder of theta healing) or more than 84 Body Code sessions. Feel free to muscle test the power of the sessions yourself.  After 30 days you may want to observe yourself on all levels and if you like the way you feel, you may to continue with another month for more clearings to keep your energy even higher.

Monthly sessions – Household – 1+ person
If you like the free session and you live in your house with your family, plants, animals and crystals, you can sign up for the household monthly sessions. This provides all your living quarters including all living beings and your own land around your house to be showered in high unconditional love giving life force energy. This session creates happier relationships between people, plants and animals and better well-being. You can save money by choosing household sessions if you live with more than 1 person in your house!

Please send an email to or to my whatsapp to purchase a monthly or household session.



How does remote energy healing work without me being in the chamber?
We still don’t know how distant healing works. We even don’t know how the Universe works. Many people don’t give a chance to distant healing. I have been performing remote healing sessions for over 20 years. This maybe laughed upon but here are dozens of scientific studies on distant healing. (link to the scientific study pdf)
Everyone experiencing my sessions says something is happening so why not give a chance to a better life?

What do I have to do after signing up?
Please send me an email or whatsap message from the above links. You will be contacting me directly. Once I receive your contact information you will receive weekly messages from me. If you like, you can then share some of the things you experience from your sessions. My monthly sessions are very easy to take, the remote sessions will be sent 3 times a week. You can rest at that time or just keep on enjoying your life. The remote sessions don’t require talking over the problems for hours so you will not get tangled in healing discussions.
Can you tell me more about how you do it?
The Crystal Healing Chamber has a physical technology costing over $500,000 for the benefit of clients. The chamber includes sacred geometries, advanced mathematical formulas, crystal light bed, sound therapy, and more. You will be receiving the remote sessions 3 times a week 1 day in between.

I have received awesome results, can I work 1-on-1 session with you?
Yes, I also offer 1-on-1 sessions. I advise my clients to take minimum 1 month of Crystal Healing Chamber before working with me personally. My personal sessions are also done remotely. You can read more about my sessions for humans and animals at my Sessions page. 

Can I use it for others? Do you have a family package?
If you want other people to experience the chambers incredible energy, you can do it in 2 ways. First, you can forward this page to them, to try the free session. Second, if you are living with other people or with your family you can get the monthly household sessions. 

What can I expect to see change in a month?
Everyone has a different experience. After a monthly session you should be feeling the extra flavor of life you think you have lost. Better mood, increased mental clarity, improved relationships are reported by many of my clients. How about trying it yourself and see how the changes show up in your life?

I did not feel anything from free session, why?
We cannot say there is a right or wrong here. Some people are just more sensitive to energy than others. Even if you don’t feel anything know that the energy is working on you in a deeper level. You have not just felt it this time. How about taking it for a month and seeing it yourself? Usually the healing sessions remove the blockages from energy bodies which can cause the healing effects be seen after weeks or even months. And suddenly you realize something is different!

Can I take the free session again?
Sorry, the free session is only valid for once for each person. Even if you try another time it will not work. So find a comfy place to enjoy first free session. If you like it or simply want to go for deeper healings you can subscribe for a monthly session.

I felt some tingling, heat, shakes, or pain on my body, what does it mean?
Crystal Healing Chamber transfers a huge amount of life force energy at once. You are feeling the natural healing reactions on your body during the healing process. You are one luck person to feel these!

Can I take other healing session during the monthly sessions?
I would recommend you to only take the Crystal Healing Chamber to observe the effects better. The monthly sessions are so high in energy, way more than other type of healing sessions, you will not even need to have another type of healing session. The main purpose is to keep your mind away from the pressure of healing while your body is healing so that you can enjoy your life unrestricted! If you perform energy healing for others you can do that.

Can I drink alcohol or high caffeine energy drinks during my monthly sessions?
Yes, you can do that. However alcohol, high caffeine drinks, drugs, as well as heavy metals and chemicals cause the central nervous system to unnaturally relax and lowers immunity. This results in tears, holes and ruptures in aura, which enables unwanted negative energies to enter the auric field. Many people are not aware of this, that their body is trying to release all negative emotions, thoughts and energies which do not even belong to them!

Can pregnant woman take the sessions?

Does the sessions work on animals?
Yes, if you purchase the monthly household session, this covers all your furry friends, plants, land and crystals. 

How many months do I need to get results?
Many of my clients first take a monthly session and then come back for more since they feel the energy difference and support during the monthly sessions. Once the high unconditional love which the chamber transfers to you erases enough low vibrations from your body, you will be able to keep more love and won’t feel like continuing the sessions anymore. This is different for every person. You can always muscle test to see how many months you can start with.

Does it certainly work?
Yes, the chamber works everytime. You can check it yourself by taking the free session. Many feel the sensations coming the chambers energy on their body during the session and even the following days. 
Maybe you still have questions if this is the right method for you or not? You can always email me at 

Lots of love to all,

Başak Pirtini