What the students are saying about TOTAL ENERGY RESET Program? 

Manolya Nalan Doğan

“Since 1992, I have been trying to develop myself to contribute to my journey of existence and to solve problems in my relationships. I have read hundreds of books on psychology and personal development. I went to trainings. I've been experiencing stress in the family for the past few years. There was a tension especially due to not being able to communicate with other members of my family and not being able to explain myself. I can say that I have tried all known healing techniques. I had a family constellation. I took remote healing sessions. I tried every way I know and found. I have definitely come a long way. However, there was always something missing. Somehow I couldn't provide a definitive solution. There was always a comeback. I was constantly feeling like going between back and forth. After I started working with Başak, I was relieved. No more stress. It was merely not present. I discovered a deeper understanding and loving dimension in my relationships. Now it is easier to understand and explain. It is also easier to express. I have no expectations of life. Because I believe that everything is fine and that it will always be fine from now on because I believe in myself. What I liked the most in this training was that Başak enabled me to fill the intellectual gaps that I could not fit in my head. Her devotion and belief in healing passed to me. This led to belief, the first step in recovery. After this training, there were changes in my healing ability and perceptions. My frequency has increased. My perceptions are clearer. I'm in constant goodness. This made my life more beautiful. Joy is always in place. I don't have any unnecessary attachments. I can't get angry with anyone. I am always in a state of love, goodness and understanding. People always want to spend time with me. Everyone is very kind and sweet to me, without exception. I always feel beautiful and bright. My light increased. I learned to love myself. I treat myself very well. I recommend you to work with Başak without delay. This training increases the quality of life so much that delay is meaningless. Thank you very much, Başak. I am very lucky that I got to know you. Always be in my life. I love you."

Used healing modalities: I received Holistic Life Coaching Training, Holistic Healing, Reiki 1, Reiki 2, EFT Emotional Freedom Technique, Aura Chakra Damage Repair Technique Training, Acmos color therapy training, Miracles Course, Mental adaptations, Universal Living in the World. I bought the Emotion Code, Body Code and the Heart Wall melting Sessions from Başak Pirtini for myself and my family and I found about the Total Energy Reset Program at that time. The training and adaptation I received to implement this protocol helped me to meet the New Age Healing techniques. And I saw that this New World Code healing technique is the fastest and most effective healing technique ever and it contains everything.


Senem Özkan  Tel:+41793576444

“Before I started working with Başak, I had some problems in my life and I couldn't solve it. I was looking for a way to improve myself, but I just didn't know where to start. I had been applying Hooponopono before, I had a family contellation. Several times, I had been participating in healing with angels and Life-saving questions. After I started working with Başak Pirtini, I was able to express myself at once in my relationships with people and in my life. I was able to take a step for the solution. I removed what I had trouble with in my life that I could not remove before. Energetic people surrounded me with their positive beautiful energies, I realized my own strength. I liked everything in this training. Every time, Başak illuminated another place in my brain that I did not know, my brain blew, I discovered incredible information. I thought I had a talent since childhood, but I didn't know how to use it and  I couldn't trust myself. After this training, I learned that I had a healing ability and how I could use it, and most importantly, and I believed myself. Meeting with Başak will change your life, it will be good no matter what the result is, you will discover yourself. It happened to me, and now I trust my life and my future more. Başak is really the most important key in your journey. A hand to open the door. I am grateful and happy that I met Başak. I love you very much. I hope we will be together for many more years, I will always support you in every matter because you are really special. Thank you very much for everything you teach. I have endless respect for you, I have an endless love. When I think about you a waterfall comes in front of my eyes, maybe a waterfall flowing with joy. We are bathed with information from your waterfall, and I look forward to new discoveries.”

Used healing modalities: Since 2012, I am interested in Family Constellation, Life-saving questions studies, Hooponopono, Personal Development, EFT, hypnosis therapies, Past life healing and Angel healing studies. With Başak Pirtini, I carried out the Emotion Code, heart wall melting, clearing birth traumas and the Total Energy Reset Program.


Ayla Yaren Tel: 0532 359 6111

“Before I started working with Başak, I had progressed a lot since I had received different trainings for many years, but this study is a leap! I have worked with many techniques such as Theta, TET, and meditation before. After I started working with Başak, I had an instant jump in my life. I encountered miraculous behaviors from unexpected people in 1 week. What I liked the most in this training was that we could get short, concise and quick results. I received a lot of training and from almost all of them I received a practitioner certificate. The best part of this training is that I can offer my clients very fast and effective healing. I recommend working with Başak because if you want a radical and fast change in your life, you have come to the right place. If you are afraid of speed, do not come :) You will be very surprised when you witness how fast your life has changed in a positive way. Başak, good thing you came across!”

Used healing modalities: Theta Healing, Life Coaching, Hypnotic Subconscious Techniques, Energy healing, Chi Gong (qi kung), New World Healing Codes


Selin Terlemezoğlu

“I had no obvious problems before I started working with Başak. I was doing the Pleiades healing system. After I started working with Başak, my perspective, my consciousness, my 6th sense increased a lot. It is very exciting to help people I have never met and see them become happy and peaceful. I caught my miracles with the New World Healing Codes. I am full of endless gratitude. What I liked the most in this training was that I now think I can do anything and I can actually do it. After this training, my consciousness has risen a lot, now I know very well what the big picture is. I suggest that those who work with Başak to not waste time. I feel very special and valuable thanks to Başak. I offer my endless thanks to everything that caused all this to happen.”

Used healing modalities: Pleiades Healing System, New World Healing Codes


Meral Göktekin

“Before I started working with Başak, the lymph in my head would swell painfully on the same day for 5 years. I had thyroid for 7 years, I was using medication. I stopped it now. I couldn't put my right ankle flat on the floor because of pain. I was good overall but there were things I discovered. For example, I had a fear of losing my daughter. I would get up and control her several times at night. Now I'm sleeping deeply. I was in peace and happiness, but I was always missing something. Before joining the program, we had worked with Başak on the emotion code. After I started working with Başak, I started to feel more love. My level of consciousness has risen. Things that bothered me in the past started not to bother me anymore. I learned new information and started to apply it to my life. I had the harmony between body and my soul. I had clairvoyance but it became more active and I learned to use it. New skills have been added. I learned to trust what I felt. I felt more peace, love and healing in my family. With me, those around me have changed and have been healed. I learned to use the New World Healing Codes for those around me and I am very happy as they get better. Most importantly, I have a mentally disabled brother and an older sister with severe rheumatic mobility limitation. I couldn't get them to live healthy. My brother's violent side was very intense and irritable. I was very sorry for him and my mom. I think the codes came to me to improve them. They also changed incredibly. I realized that I am a healer and I am light. The thing I like the most in this training is Başak's energy. Usually human and ego got together, and this imbalance disturbs me a lot. Usually I used to work with books, so Başak is so balanced that I have never felt this in her. It was a pleasure to see that the codes work and transform very fast and to take this as a class with a very nice group and to speak the same language. After this training, there was a change in my healing ability and perceptions. I was a snail traveling on the ground before. After the lessons, I became a hummingbird. It opened up the potential inside me. Come on, let's transform the world with Başak. I love you very much. We will transform the world together I believe in my heart. May your light be plentiful.”

Used healing modalities: New World Healing Codes

Ada Sunar

"Başak’tan öncesi ve sonrası diye ayırmak gerek sanırım benim "I think it is necessary to differentiate as before and after Başak. I do not know what I have experienced. I am not a person who works with too many guides or healers, I never worked with one until I met Başak, I would not lie, for some reason I could not trust the options that came up to me before in this sense. After Başak, I know that everything I feel only belongs to me, any person I meet reveals something for me to face and heal. I learned all of these from the books on my own. Then, the magic touch of Başak came and I started to experience things that convinced even a skeptical person like me. Usually, the logic of things going more than physical healing affected me more and caused me to take some more seriously. I also started healing, I started doing healings for others from time to time, all of them felt good they said. After I started working with Başak, I started to classify my knowledge and feelings that roam like bum mines and get to know them one by one. What we call intelligence is about the content of the files we hold our emotions. Everything in our life, yes, everything, it is important what we feel (as a result of this scientific research), because this file is shaped and the shape of this file is the release of emotions. One who controls them, recreates one's self, ones relatives and the world. Can anyone do it? Yes, anyone who sets out an intention can do it. I am really fortunately that I met Başak."

Used healing modalities: Self-knowledge guidance program through World Tour with Bicycle, Sufism, yoga, New World Healing Codes


Serdar Erdaş

“Before I started working with Başak, I was someone trying to find the right way. I have tried various methods, trainings and therapies for about 12 years. As a result, something was always missing. I couldn't find what I was looking for. I have been applying Reiki, access bars, EFT, Hooponopono before. My level of consciousness increased after I started working with Başak. I started to do sports, lose weight and eat healthier. What I liked the most in this training was that Başak was a very sincere, friendly and highly interested person. She explained our lessons fluently, in detail and practically, and enabled us to see the results with a muscle test. In this training, our level of consciousness increased day by day after the cleaning by Total Energy Reset Program. Thus, we started to get faster and better results from our work. We all witnessed that we are moving at a speed that cannot be compared to any other technique. There was freedom from negative emotions. Awareness of Soul Themes developed and cleaning became easier. I strongly recommend this training for people who are interested in this type of healing work. Otherwise, it is highly likely that the person will regret much in the future. I think it is a training which can not be missed for those who want to leave behind feelings, thoughts, beliefs, etc. that hurt, restrict and hinder you and who want to meet new world healing codes. Başak is the right choice to process from love :)”

Used healing modalities: Reiki, access bars, EFT, Hooponopono, New World Healing Codes


Tuğba Tekin

“When I first heard of the Total Energy Reset, although I did not fit in my mind, I saw with the third dimension mind how well it worked as I experienced it and was drawn into it. As we are used to doing everything very complicated, I expected to see the results in a long time. No, on the contrary, it raises up to a high level of consciousness in a very short time. It offers miraculous services. I'm not wasting time, and I'm getting healed. I would like everyone to give yourself this chance.”

Used healing modalities: Access Bars, New World Healing Codes