Total Energy Reset is a complete Energy healing package which clears, corrects and balances all energy so naturally, so you go higher in every area of your life.

There are 4 steps in this protocol:

1. What to expect from the Total Energy Reset Protocol
2. What can you expect during the Total Energy Reset Protocol
3. What happens during the Total Energy Reset Protocol? 
4. How to get into balance after the Total Energy Reset is complete?


1. What to expect from the Total Energy Reset Protocol? 

TOTAL ENERGY RESET is an energy clearing protocol that turns you back to the original human blueprint design of your being to achieve fast, quick results to live in high frequency and become connected to joy, peace, divine love and Our Creator.

What are the top reasons YOU want to do this protocol?

-You want to radically change and transform your life. You are serious about this and ready to do what it takes.
-You are aware that you need a deep energy cleaning in your field, and you are looking for the best way to do it, because you cannot or don’t have guidance to do it by yourself.
-You just need to run the Total Energy Reset Protocol once in your life.
-If you are a healer, you want to enhance your intuition ability to access more information so that you can diagnose what is going on with people easier than you could ever do before. Also you will have more people attracted to your services. You can muscle test to see the % of diagnose ability and people attracted to you services if you take this protocol.
-You believe that the world needs quick, fast and easy healings to raise human consciousness for the ones who are ready to serve building the new earth from the total mess we created until today.
-You want great results in short time to attain your original birth blueprint in 7 sessions instead of working hundreds of hours with a healer for minimum 3 years. An advanced healing session is 250USD x 52 weeks x 3 years = costs 39000USD.  You can save your money and time by choosing to do the protocol.

What would YOU be concerned about before starting?

-Total Energy Reset may increase or magnify a difficult personal situation, because sometimes we have to deal with some big heavy things in order to go through it. Its how we learn and grow. By the time something becomes a big problem in someone’s life, they have been avoiding it for quite some time. That is why the pain shows up, that is to show them they have something to focus on. Otherwise people would just avoid growing.

-First thing Total Energy Reset does is to correct all energies that are off. These create a backlog for the physical dense body to play catch up with. At a certain point you need to heal the physical and this often comes up as if you are “sick” however its just the healing reactions due to the fact that your energy has been cleaned up.

Who is this for? Who is this not for?

-The minimum age is 25. There is no maximum appropriate age.
-Total Energy Reset is not appropriate for pregnant woman.
-It’s not proper for people who are fighting with cancer currently (if you still have cancer 
then this protocol is not suitable), after the cancer clears, you can be on the Total Energy Reset.
-Not appropriate for those who are not physically healthy enough to make it through Total   Energy Reset.

How will my life change if I do this?

-LOC (level of consciousness) and IQ bumps well beyond what is previously thought   possible
-Peace/Joy states come to surface fully
-Things feel fresher, clearer
-Getting stronger and better in almost every way everyday.
-The rising of consciousness experienced lifts you up greatly so that you can go lift up people around you who can go lift others too. This protocol plants a small seed that will grow into big strong trees of love.

-Downsides: a few days of moving energy the following days after starting the protocol. Afterwards you feel amazing. After going through the protocol -you will start to have questions about what you do professionally and don’t feel satisfied with just “working” anymore. You may seem like to be more focused on being of service to others at higher levels.

2. What can you expect during the Total Energy Reset Protocol?

We are originally intended to go through Total Energy Reset naturally, so we are returning to our natural spiritual order.
Do you feel like your life path is heal? Are you not happy, want to be smarter and filled with peace because you understand how life works? 
Are you questioning your regular jobs and you just want to help others nonstop?

Do you want to jump to the front of the line with support?

Then this protocolis for you.

Getting to the place where you can be and perform your best self is one thing, but knowing how to operate here is another, So a lot of the people who enroll this protocol shift from constant healing mode into teaching people how to think about things, as well as teaching them how to help/heal other people by using codes and other modalities.

What you would experience now is Total Energy Reset Protocol. This should take 7 sessions for you to process on average.

Maybe you have got rid of your heart wall. But heart wall is grossly overstated on the importance, people think it had everything at 100%, but in real it's more like 50%.

If you would like to sneak peak maybe 1% of what you can feel just try this code, say it out loud:

Run the code of self-love as the creator loves me NOW!
You will feel loved even way more that you can ever imagine. 

In this protocol you will learn how you are supported in each step you take, how you have guides who are looking out for you, angels who are making sure you have what you need. Our Creator is NONSTOP making sure that you have what you need to grow and experience better states.

If you knew just how much time, energy, effort go into making sure you enjoy your life, you would be ashamed and sad that you are not having a good time already.

Each little thing that appears to be negative is actually a lesson telling you that you may be going in the wrong direction, turn around, learn the lesson and return to love.

If you are not having a great time, it's because your perspective is off. Life is working for you EACH step of the way. We have just been trained not to see it.

So how do we “see it” and go from having a life that we don't feel is complete to a life of peace, joy, love. Filled with wonder?

We clean up our mind/emotions/spirt and raise our level of consciousness so we can start seeing how life works at a higher level.

and that's why I have developed TOTAL ENERGY RESET PROTOCOL.

It's like doing lifetimes of spiritual work of deep cleaning, clearing and balancing in a short period of time.

BUT the transition and shift is so life changing that you defiantly need a guide to help you understand what is changing around you and how you can integrate and ground this down into your life.

So when you work with the universe, you live inside of expansion. When you work against it, it contracts and removes access to extra help since you are not contributing to others around you.

3. What happens during the Total Energy Reset Protocol?

Very very high overview of some of the things done by the Total Energy Reset is listed below. It’s obviously a lot more complex than that. If you like to read in details you can ask for the “What gets done -41 things at Total Energy Reset protocol.”

What Total Energy Reset Protocol does briefly:

Energy System Optimization (Chakras, Nadis, Meridians, Connections)
Purging Low Vibrations (Emotions, Beliefs, Blocks)
Correcting Any Imbalances Preventing Healthy Relationships
Shifting into Love/Joy/Peace as Default States
Purging Traumatic Experiences (Fears, Traumas)
Restoration of Connection to Our Creator
Balancing of Masculine/Feminine Energy
Bringing You Back to Center and Grounded
Major Reduction in Stress & Anxiety
All akashic blocks cleared

Total Energy Reset does nothing on physical directly. Keep in mind almost all physical issues are at a higher level. So we are focused on everything but the physical dense layer. So over time as higher level corrections happen, the physical body corrects.

For the better Total Energy Reset Protocol results:

-Prefer high vibrational foods (mostly fresh fruits and vegetables), avoid heavy fatty animal products and meat
-Eat healthier meals will help you feel more grounded and settled 
-Take a salt bath daily
-Perform energetic sweeping, specially effected parts of the body daily
-Get close to nature: walk barefoot on grass, hug or sit up against a tree
-Do some gardening
-Do some challenging heavy labor but do not overtax yourself or exceed your limits
-Get adequate rest, avoid late night activities
-Avoid stimulants: alcohol, drugs, coffee, tea etc. should be avoided to keep LOC and IQ high.
-Take a break from your energy work done on you, you don’t want to heavily load your energetic body.

4. How to get into balance after the Total Energy Reset is complete?

Once the Total Energy Reset Protocol is complete, you will experience many changes in your life. 

You will need to be coached to train your logical mind. You highest self knows this already but this knowledge needs to be taken down to the conscious level. You will have questions like “What has happened to me? How can I use this energy?” There will be 8 weeks of lesson which will include supportive tools to keep your energy high. Lessons include points of view from new world, new world healing codes, akashic records, healing relationships and families, all super new energy technology lessons to guide you on your life’s pathway. 

Increase in light energy:
The quality of light after going through the Total Energy Reset Protocol is like you have never experienced before. You may compare it to a size of your finger before and the size of a car after! This increase in light brings you better ideas, more light coming into you creates more energy.

Willingness to serve others:
After completing the protocol you may experience a high energy mood which subsides into a more balanced energy later. But you will still hold your light energy which will bring you ideas that you can anchor them into reality. This new level of energy also creates a willingness to server other people. 

Awesome sleep:
You sleep will be amazing, you will be full of ideas while waking up.

Trusting the flow:
You will start to notice that people will come at the right time, right place. You will feel a state of trusting the flow of life and will not experience nervousness anymore. 

High adjustable consciousness:
Your consciousness will be elevated to the level of Harmony. However, you will still be able to adjust your consciousness state, if you want to see the world from a lower consciousness eyes. 

Energy Body-Physical Body:
We have multiple bodies and layers. As you vibrate faster in your mental and emotional body, you will vibrate higher. When you support your physical body with good habits of food, nutrition and movement, your physical body will catch up with your energy body and you will experience the positive changes in your physical body soon.

Vanishing Bad Habits:
The protocol will clear any low vibrations that keep you stuck at bad habits. You can help keep the high vibrations by changing into good habits, looking for lessons from experiences, choosing healthy relationships, being around healthy people and thus surrounding yourself with more love energy. Some people find it for a while they keep being attracted to low vibrations for example, craving coke, hate energy, eating candy etc. That is a natural process going up and down. While the activation energy still works on you temporary unhealthy needs disappear when the energy is cleared totally. On the other hand, persisting bad habits, not working on them, sticking to toxic relationships will eventually decrease your energy to a point where you may not feel love, joy and peace anymore. 

Changing relationships:
While you are in the process of the great energy cleanse, the people around you who does not experience the same things may not keep up with your new high energy and drop away. On the other hand, some new high vibe friends who match your new vibrational frequency will appear. You will need to create independent healthy boundaries with family. Once you adjust to your new level of awareness and be comfortable there, you will still be able to communicate with lower vibrational people too. However, you will always need to remind yourself to be in love and service to others while not making people small or acting out from your ego. 

Food and water:
After the activation is complete, as your energy is higher you will feel drawn to high vibrational foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, raw vegan foods, pure, non GMO, whole plant based foods. You may find it that you have better energy without low vibrational foods such as meat and dairy.

You may find that violent media content, war games, films, social media videos may drag you down. So you will be attracted to more positive feeling media content full of love. 

Master cleaning:
You will need to sort out your home, clean up your storages, get rid of unused stuff and clean up your toxic relationships, anything that brings your joy down. When you clean up your home and body, you may find that your mate will increase in vibration too, so that you can move into a healthier relationship. 

Follow ups:
You will have energy field check ups and learn to do muscle testing to test yourself.

If you would like to learn about pricing and enrollment about TOTAL ENERGY RESET Protocol please send an email to